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New Regulation in Andorra: A Minimum Level of Catalan Required to Live and Work in the Principality

As reported by the Diari d’Andorra, the Andorran Government is working on a new rule that sets a linguistic requirement for those wishing to settle in the nation. This step aims to preserve and enhance the Catalan language, which is the official language of the country.

From the implementation of this new Official Language Law, anyone looking to obtain or renew their residence permit in the principality will need to prove a basic level of Catalan, below level A2. If they do not meet this criterion, applicants must enroll and complete a 30-hour Catalan course at one of the educational centers in the country before they are granted their green card, allowing them to live and work in Andorra.

The rationale behind this decision is not merely bureaucratic. The primary goal is to ensure that all residents of Andorra can communicate in the country's official language. This need has become more apparent recently, as many establishments, especially in trade and catering, have predominantly begun using Spanish as their primary language for customer service.

The Andorran Ministry of Education is collaborating with the Hotel Union and the Chamber of Commerce to enhance linguistic training among workers. Although temporary workers in the country are not required to meet this regulation, authorities want to emphasize the importance of Catalan proficiency at all job levels.

It is hoped that with this new law, not only will the use of Catalan be promoted, but Andorra's cultural and identity ties will also be strengthened, ensuring its rich linguistic tradition remains vibrant and relevant for future generations.

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